The Pros and Cons of Shared Web Hosting Service

Finding the best host server for your website is one of the most crucial steps you take to make sure your website is up and running and accessible to the public.  There are several options you can consider:  shared, dedicated, or managed web hosting.  Here, we will discuss shared web hosting in particular and its benefits and setbacks.

If you are just starting your online business, and it’s considerably a small one, then you need to focus on minimizing cost.  One way of cutting costs in setting up your website is to go for the shared web hosting option.

The term “shared” indicates that aside from you, there are other websites sharing the same web server.  This is an economic way to set up your own business website because you get yourself exposed to the public but do not have to pay a high maintenance cost as you are sharing the total cost with other websites.  The cost will depend on how many you are sharing the service with, and there are sites that can even cater to up to a thousand websites.

Although you are “sharing” your hosting with others, the security and performance of your website are not compromised.  Most of the time the host servers run on a very high performance level that allows them to serve a lot of websites, and good companies will not take on more jobs than what they can handle.

Aside from doing the hosting, these companies also provide maintenance checks on operations and security round the clock, by professional IT personnel.  They will make sure that downtimes of servers, if necessary, are set to a minimum.

On a technical note, most shared hosting servers use multi-user operating systems such as Unix or Linux.  For ever website using the service, there is a corresponding account in the operating system, so the accounts are separated and individualized in that sense.

A fixed amount of web resources are also made available to each subscribing website.  The only thing they share is the IP address.   Now that we’ve defined what a shared web hosting service can provide, here are the advantages of taking up this option:

1. It is economical

This is the best advantage of shared hosting over the other options.  Most services would charge you as cheap as $5 and won’t go above $10 a month.  Due to the numerous servers competing in the web hosting industry,  some would even offer this rate for the use of a huge web space and bandwidth, sometimes going up to 1000MB space and  40GB bandwidth.

2. It is convenient

The cheap monthly fee also covers for IT service.  The IT professionals who run the servers are highly skilled in their job of ensuring your website is maintained and running well.  This leaves you with the assurance that your website is in good hands so you can leave that to them and concentrate instead on improving your website.

3. It is customized

Despite having a shared server, each website still has an individualized account, so you can manage your own website using the tools and resources made available to you by the host server.  You can design your website the way you want it to appear.  You can also create your own domain name-specific email accounts.

4.  It is efficient

The web space and bandwidth provided by these shared web hosting companies are usually enough to service several websites.  So there is no need to worry for exceptionally slow upload time due to the sharing.  At a later time, when your needs increase, you have the option of adding more resources as well at additional cost.

To make sure you know what you are getting yourself into, we are also going to tell you the disadvantages of this service:

1.  It has slower response time than the dedicated server hosting.

This is only to be expected because you are sharing the same server with other websites.

2.  It has reliability issues

Occasionally, it cannot be helped that other websites sharing with you will run a malicious program or malware that can overcome the security of your server, and this can render your website inaccessible: all you need is one “bad” website to make your shared IP address (and thereby your website) banned by ISP or search engines.

3.  It is not as secure as dedicated web hosting services.

Sharing your website with strangers increases the risk for hacking.

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