Defining Cheap Hosting Reseller

A cheap hosting reseller is someone who has purchased a vast amount of space for hosting from a real web hosting company. After buying this large space, they can chop it off  piece by piece and sell it to people who are looking for hosting, generating income by providing hosting.

The most prevalent types of cheap hosting reseller are those who are selling a pre-made website, hoping to get people to actually purchase hosting from them. This is their method of getting customers. Some of these cheap hosting reseller companies even provide free websites as long as you get hosting from them.

The Benefits of getting Cheap Hosting Reseller Companies

Generally, there are only a few things that can actually be considered good getting hosting from a reseller.  Usually you get freebies that come with that hosting service. A bonus if you prefer. It could be a website, or guides and manuals that can assist you in getting your website up and running smoothly.

The Bad Sides about Cheap Hosting Reseller Companies

The downsides are plenty. However, the worst is that you will get hosting that is not nearly as good as what you will get when you go for an actual web hosting company for almost the same price. Additionally, the customer support that you will get from reseller hosting will not be as good and the hosting itself could be limited.

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