Be Wary of Fake Consumer Reports on Web Hosting

There are so many established web hosting review site nowadays. However, only a small number of them offer true consumer report web hosting. It is true, there are indeed web hosting review websites that are willing to posts fake consumer reports, interview contents that are self-composed, unreal customer identity as well as fake testimonials being posted…… all of which are for deceiving the confidence of the customers into signing up for some web hosting company that the site is promoting.

These fake web hosting review content can easily be spotted even if they are posted at the most well-known or popular web hosting review sites.

It is crucial that one can identify fake reviews. Reviews that sound too good to be true are possibly self-composed.

Below is a checklist that can help you identify fake web hosting reviews:

  1. As mentioned, if it’s too good to be true, then it must not be true.
  2. Proof of website hosted by the web hosting company  being reviewed must be shown.
  3. The report from consumer have to show service uptime proof as well as monthly uptime stats
  4. Compare positive to negative review. A result of a survey indicated that unhappy customers tend to give their testimonial. However, satisfied customers do not pretty much voluntarily post testimonials.

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