Types of Internet Servers

A server is a software program that is providing a service to the computer of a client. It can as well refer to a computer that runs the server software.

There are a number of types of server application which are providing service on the internet. It can be installed on separate computers or you can opt for a single computer which will run more than two server application.

Web Servers

Web servers accept HTTP or hypertext transfer protocol requests from customers and give back the appropriate HTML document. The URL that is provided by the client will be mapped by the web server to the specific document or program located on the server. It is the normal kind of server that is accessed via a web browser.

Multimedia Servers

These are software applications which are designed to stream audio as well as visual files via the internet. These streaming servers function by always providing visual and audio media in a way that they can be played in real time without having to actually download the files.

Real Time Communication Servers

These types of servers comprise of IRC servers, chat servers as well as video messaging servers. They are made and designed to let user communicate in the internet in real time. Multiple users are allowed by chat servers to converse in a single sitting.

Mail Servers

Mail servers are employed to send and receive email by local users to others via the internet. They use Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) or Extended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (ESTMP) to send out mail and either Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) or Post Office Protocol 3 (POP 3) to receive email.

FTP Servers

FTP servers are employed from one computer to another via the internet; it allows for user authentication activity logging as well as file transfer policies. They are accessed by an ftp client who lets the user move the files between the server computer as well as the computer of the client.

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