Different Kinds of Networks Servers

What is a server? Basically it can refer to a piece of software or the entire computer itself. If the entire computer is working as a server then it is referred to as a dedicated server. If the computer houses multiple servers, then it is called a non-dedicated server. In most cases, it is called a ‘box’ and without these, no business would be complete.

There are a number of different types of network servers that are intended to carry out different specific tasks.


VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This type of server is not something that is normally found at home. However, it is common in business. Its size and power is highly dependent on the number users accessing it.


Next type of server which is commonly found in businesses is the HTTP server. A fairly powerful type of server, it hosts webpages and can become a file server in some cases. However, it is not often utilized as a file server since that job is commonly designated to the FTP server.

File hosting

FTP or File Transfer Protocol is solely used for hosting as well as the distribution of file. It can be used for either large or small files. FTP has two types: Server and Client. The two of these can be acquired as free open source or you can pay for them. Obviously, the paid version has more support but the advantage of free is that it’s….free.

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